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Fact – Cars are not the same as they were 25 years ago.

The modern car is constantly changing, evolving, advancing. To stay with this constant evolution, today’s service and repair workshops must also change, evolve and advance.

AutoLinks Stranraer embraces the use of modern technology and as part of our workshop Continual Development Program have invested in a brand new electronic diagnostic system to compliment our existing equipment. Other recent additions include a Smoke Pro leak detection unit which allows us to source leaks in engines, coolant systems, air conditioning and much more. A specialist fuel injector cleaning unit (both petrol and diesel) lets us clean sticky or contaminated fuel injectors without the time-consuming and costly need to remove them. A state-of-the-art electronic battery tester which is capable of carrying out a full health check on your battery and giving you a print-out of the results. AutoLinks Stranraer’s latest purchase is an EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valve service tool – blocked EGR valves are INCREDIBLY common and can be very costly to replace, this new tool allows Autolinks Stranraer to electronically operate and clean the valve and hopefully save you the cost of replacing it!

services-check-engine-warning-light Do you have a warning lamp illuminated on your dashboard? If you see any of these lights  on your car let AutoLinks Stranraer investigate, we have the equipment and the working knowledge required to diagnose and repair!!!

Have you had your air-conditioning serviced? Does it work the way it should?
We can check, service and repair all air-conditioning systems including Manual, Digital and Dual Zone. Our technicians are F-Gas Certified and compliant with modern requirements.

Car still covered by Manufacturers Warranty?

NO – you DO NOT need to take it to the franchised dealer for servicing and pay the associated costs! AutoLinks can service your pride and joy without jeopardising your warranty in ANY way. We will hopefully reduce inconvenience and almost certainly reduce your costs.



Working towards the following Codes of Practice along with the Servicesure Consumer Service Charter. The Code commits subscribing garages to:




  • Honest and Fair Service
  • Open and Transparent Pricing
  • Completing Work as Agreed
  • Invoices that Match Quoted Prices
  • Competent and Conscientious Staff
  • A Straightforward and Swift Complaints Procedure


Whilst the majority of garages are reputable and carry out servicing and repairs to reasonable standards there is still a minority who do not meet even the basic standards of mechanical skill and knowledge, customer care, health and safety and good business practice.
The Servicesure Autocentre network was established in 2004, by The Parts Alliance, to build a national network of like-minded top quality independent garages that meet and abide by a strict set of business practices set out in our Customer Service Charter. Autolinks Stranraer demand high quality to ensure YOUR vehicle is serviced and repaired to the manufacturers’ specifications and that YOU, the consumer, are treated with respect and professionalism and delivered great value, reliability and integrity without comprimise.
Visiting a Servicesure Autocentre means that your car is GUARANTEED to be repaired by QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS. Servicesure Autocentres have access to excellent training courses for technicians to ensure all new technoligies are covered.


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